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Samuelson Custom Cabinetry, Anoka, Minnesota

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products

At Samuelson Custom Cabinetry, we care about creating products that are environmentally friendly, are made of renewable resources and are safe for you and your family.


We use products from manufacturers that have a proven record of environmentally friendly practices, such as companies that practice responsible forestry techniques. When produced environmentally responsibly, wood products are both a renewable and sustainable resource. Products made with post-consumer recycled materials are also available.

Samuelson Custom Cabinetry can provide low-VOC emitting paints and finishes. These low emission products do not contain dangerous toxins and do not produce a health risk.

We are proud to say that we can provide products that do not contain added Urea Formaldehyde. Urea Formaldehyde is sometimes used as a bonding agent in plywood and other pressed board materials. Materials that contain added Urea Formaldehyde can emit toxic Formaldehyde gasses. Because we care for your family's safety, we can provide products that do not contain added Urea Formaldehyde.

Samuelson Custom Cabinetry strives to offer products that are environmentally responsible. We are committed to using materials that ensure your family's safety and health, and are also sustainable and renewable resources.